4-H Makers

Festival of the Arts and Sciences

A Hanover STEM and Arts Makerspace was held at the Festival of the Arts and Sciences for Hanover County Public Schools. The festival included elementary, middle, and high school art and science displays for all county schools along with performances by all-county choruses, bands, and orchestras. Adult visitors to the Makerspace were able to see examples of over two dozen maker projects and kits used in maker programs and learn more about 4-H Maker programs in Hanover County Schools through exhibits, a digital slide show, and the maker website projected on a big screen.

Over 150 young makers took part in workshops and other activities at the makerspace during the festival. After the workshops participants were able to take home projects for futher exploration. Workshops included making a solar powered robot, making a metal mechanical toy, and making a Lego Harry Potter train. Workshops rotated on the quarter hour with up to 40 total participants concurrently maing projects during peak hours. Additional activities available all day to engage younger brothers and sisters of workshop participants included building paper airplanes, making rubber band bracelets, and making a drawing of a gorilla.

Students from 4-H after-school programs attended with their families to take part in the workshops and activities. Three current students from The Georgetown School volunteered to assist in running the workshops. Another student volunteer for the event was a participant in the previous summer's STEM program and helped lead workshops at the World Maker Fair in New York City.