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4-H Maker programs provide opportunities for youth to explore science, technology, engineering, math and arts through fun, hands-on learning opportunities. The Maker Movement is a wide ranging community that participates in designing and building projects in STEM and the arts and encourages participation by children of all ages. Virginia 4-H sponsors maker initiatives in schools, after-school programs, workshops, and weekend camps. Pilot programs have been developed by Hanover County 4-H in partnership with the Hanover County Public Schools in Virginia. 4-H Maker programs encourage STEM and arts based learning projects for children of all backgrounds, including high-need communities, girls and minorities.

Cognizant is sponsoring a second year of the Summer STEM Enrichment Program at The Georgetown School. Cognizant invited Young Makers from last years summer STEM program to be a part of the New York World Maker Faire. The Hanover 4-H Makers assisted at Cognizant's Young Maker Pavilion and led a workshop for young Faire visitors making solar powered robots. Through the support of VCE and Virginia Tech iPad programs for Virginia 4-H students at the four Hanover County Public Schools experienced 4-H Movie Maker workshops. iPad Maker and Movie Maker activities were available for groups of 6 to 24 students with 6 ipads available.

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Hanover 4-H Makers and The Pamunkey Regional Library will be hosting a Maker Fair in August open to the public. The library system serves the Virginia counties of Goochland, Hanover, King & Queen and King William.

Hanover 4-H Makers and The Georgetown School sponsored a makerspace at the Hanover County Festival of the Arts and Science. Over 150 young makers participated in workshops and activities during the event.

Newbery Medal winner Katherine Applegate inspires kids to persue their creative passions. Students in Hanover County spent over a month preparing for the author's visit by reading, reasearching, making, and learning how to create something new using libraries as a resource.
* Author tells Gandy students about writing and a special ape
* Newbery Medal winner visits Hanover school

* Virginia 4-H: Making the Future

* Creative maker program receives more funding

* Grant supports Georgetown School STEM program

* Cognizant Awards 33 Grants to Afterschool and Summer Programs Under its 'Making the Future' Initiative to Inspire Interest in STEM Fields

* 4-H Maker Movement in Hanover

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Hanover Makers

Hanover, Virginia 4-H supports maker programs in partnership with the Hanover County Public Schools.Hanover 4-H Makers have programs, activities, workshops and Makerspaces at John M. Gandy Elementary, Henry Clay Elementary, Mechanicsville Elementary, and The Georgetown School.

WatchDog Makers

4-H Makers support WatchDogs in school with the WatchDog Maker program."MakerDogs" are regular dads who volunteer to be a Watch D.O.G. at their child's school and also enjoy participating in hands-on workshops with students.

Virginia 4-H Maker Programs

4H ElecTech Makers

Learn basic electronic circuits and devices
Make electronic projects from alarms to radios
Make electronic circuits for a remote control rover

4H Energy Makers

Learn about alternative energy sources
Make wind turbines
Make solar cars
Make energy cell cars
Make individual projects to run with wind and solar power sources

4H Mechatronic Makers

Make project that use a combination of mechanical and electrical systems
Make robots - Use engineering design for arms, movement, control and automation
Make and program Mindstorm Robots

4H Movie Makers

Learn basic movie making techniques with custom soundtracks
Learn about writing scripts and creating storyboards
Make movie trailers with iMovie storyboards
Make movie projects with original material
Make soundtracks by composing on iPad

4H Model Makers

Make models of cars, trains, flying devices and learn how they work
Design and make road and rail layouts - learn electric circuits and switches with wiring, learn engineering design
Design and make model buildings and towns - learn architectural design, construction and town planning concepts
Design and make paper airplanes, model aircraft and air powered rockets

4H Classic Tech Makers

Learn about 20th Century technology from transistors to personal computers
Make classic tech devices and toys and learn how they advanced technology
Learn how to reverse engineer technical devices to understand how they work

4H Web Makers

Make a website
Learn about web technology from servers to programming languages
Design visual layouts and graphical user interfaces
Make a web presentation with just a text editor
Practice writing and photography skills by making web site content

Library Makerspaces

Provide access to equipment and educational resources
Create digital media labs where young makers can create movies, music, and photographs
Offer maker workshops in library makerspaces
Provide research tools to support learning through maker projects